Weekly classes to build core muscular strength and balance

In addition to our other services, we offer a weekly Kinetics Class. 

Kinetics is a class designed to help your dog build core muscular strength and balance, allowing your dog to use itself at maximal potential. The classes provide mental stimulation and are physically tiring, as the dog is asked to use muscles they may not be used to using.

The classes have a positive effect on the dog’s movement, balance, flexibility, health and well-being. This is a particularly good class for:

  • Young dogs, building strength and flexibility
  • Dogs who are (or are going to be) involved in competitive sports
  • Dogs who are asked to do repetitive actions such as ball throwing
  • Dogs needing structured exercise to build muscle following corrective treatment
  • Dogs who have had previous injuries – this strengthens and builds appropriate muscles, reducing compensatory problems
  • Maintaining good core strength and muscle balance, reducing the risk of soft tissue injuries

The class involves balance exercises, which promote co-ordination, spatial awareness and deep muscle strengthening. The class does not involve obedience or agility, however it does help to build an understanding relationship by teaching the dog to calmly engage in exercises that it doesn’t usually get asked to do. Why not ask a member of the Therapaws staff for more information on kinetics classes and how they might help your dog?

For more information

Please contact us on 01344 222299 or email us at enquiries@therapaws.co.uk