Build your puppy’s confidence and socialisation

Hydrotherapy is an excellent form of exercise for young dogs, helping to build confidence in a new environment and developing swimming skills. The non-weight bearing exercise is a safe way to burn off all that excess puppy energy without the risk of damaging developing bones and joints. In addition, the mental stimulation of a new situation provides an ideal socialisation opportunity and exposes your puppy to swimming in a completely safe environment. We will swim puppies from the age of 4 months, if they are fully vaccinated. Following completing your 2 puppy swims, you can continue your puppy’s hydrotherapy development by undertaking our fitness swims on a more frequent basis.

Benefits of Puppy Swims:
  • Confidence in the water
  • Safe non-weight bearing exercise
  • Human socialisation
  • Mental Stimulation
  • Learning to swim
  • Fun and exciting

Puppy Swim Prices

Click-2-Heel Puppy Vouchers (2 Swims)   £35.00
Ongoing fitness swims   £27.00

Click-2-Heel Puppy Training

If you are interested in Puppy Training with our founder Di Martin, please click the link below for more details. Local Puppy Training - Click 2 Heel

‘The team at Therapaws have been amazing with our young Corgi and have always taken it at her pace. They are receptive to the needs of both dog and owner and provide great care throughout the whole process, from the initial shower through to the swim itself.’

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